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Packing is a major part of a product that helps to move it easily, look attractive to the buyer, and keep it safe for longer period. In this regard Tsehay Paint Factory products are ideal ones as they fulfill all the features mentioned above.

Moreover, we can customize the product in terms of customer's test and preference while not withstanding to fight counterfeit. Our paint package ranges from 1 liter to 6 liter depending on the paint type and customers preferences. Get Tsehay Paint Products at your local material store.

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Tsehay Paints Factory

    About Us

    Tsehay Paints Factory owned by Baheran Trading Plc established to produce over 500 varieties of high quality paints and paint related items.

    Equipped with the state of the art technology and skilled professionals with in the industry it produces as much as 10 million liters of superior quality paints annually an meet needs of the customer ranging from household level up to big construction companies and real estate developers.

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    Tsehay Paints Factory
    Lideta, Kirkos Subcity
    +251 111 566 299
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